Interior Design

"Azinteryer Group" is an interior design and construction company located in Baku, specializing in the design, construction and design of apartments, country houses and public spaces. We believe that the interior design of apartments prepared by our company is not an application of the "advantage of taste" of one`s own "individual" creativity at the expense of the client, but a solution to the set tasks.

A finished interior design project of all rooms of an apartment, country house or commercial space is the result of a designer`s work. Following the basic principles of professionalism, functionality and beauty, we develop an effective method for interior design of any complexity.

Interior design services
We implement two types of design projects that satisfy the needs of our customers at different levels.

A complete design project - a set of project documents in the form of drawings and diagrams, a selection of furniture with decoration materials and, of course, realistic 3D photos of all rooms. You get a visual idea of ​​how the apartment will look like before the start of all repair and construction works, saving your time and energy.

The main design project is the second option to be executed, which includes options such as the reconstruction of the interiors for the upcoming renovation and the entire package of accompanying construction documents. Unlike the integrated design project, the simplified version is limited to the preparation of construction documents, it does not include decoration materials and 3D visualization of objects.

It is important for a house under construction to prepare a plan for the future design, even to ensure the placement of walls and communications. The design project of your house, based on a well-thought-out system, ensures the reduction of unforeseen costs in the construction process and the possibility of reconstruction during the construction process. "Azinteryer Group" company will help you for this.