Housing planning

The dream of any apartment buyer is a harmonious and functional space where every family member will feel as comfortable as possible.

Functionality, Rationality and Zoning are the three main principles of proper design.

Rationality means the distribution of the space of an apartment between the functional zones of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, corridor in the way people live.

In properly planned apartments, the area of ​​each room is carefully selected to meet the needs of the resident: insufficient space is a nuisance, and too much space increases financial costs. That`s why we don`t think about abstract rooms and meters, but we should think about the places needed by each family member in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.


An ideal apartment should not have empty, useless, unresolved spaces. Each corner of the apartment has a specific function: a place to rest, store things, entertain. The more carefully considered the planning, the easier it is to furnish the living space and the more planning decisions can be implemented.


Apartment planning, after entering the apartment, the person first finds himself in the reception area (hall, corridor), then moves to the kitchen, and then to the dining room. The part belonging to the host, where the presence of guests is not always required, should be a little further away. In such a planning, the kitchen and dining room become the link between the private half of the apartment and the living area. The bedroom should be placed in the farthest part of the apartment, and the children`s bedroom should be placed in the quietest and lightest room, as a rule.

A well-planned apartment in a residential building is usually divided into the following zones:

Guest - kitchen, living room, dining room
Private - bedroom, bathroom
Private rooms - private room, dressing room, if the living space allows
Apartment area

The most important planning parameter is the size of the living space. Before buying an apartment, it should be objectively assessed how many square meters will be needed for each person who will live there. Ideally, it would be good to take into account the age, gender, needs, lifestyle and character of the family members, and the expansion of the family. If there are frequent guests at home, appropriate zones will be required, and business people may need a separate quiet room. It is important to provide a place for recreation and hobbies.

Optimal scheduling that most people like:

12 sq/m spacious kitchen or 20 sq/m kitchen and living room combination

wide windows with views from several sides for better lighting;

the presence of a place to store things or a dressing room;

includes the presence of a balcony.

Proportions of space

The creation of the most comfortable and comfortable apartments cannot be thought of without taking into account the necessary proportions between the rooms. The optimal room should be a square or rectangle with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Creating a comfortable living space in elongated rooms is problematic.

Perfect apartment planning is a short convenient connection of unnecessary corridors and zones without transitions. It is better to enter the rooms from the corridor as much as possible. The doors should not interfere with the free movement between them during opening and closing. When it comes to the image of the space, the height and area of ​​the recess, partition and other elements are relatively important.

Proper lighting

It is pleasant in the evening when a picturesque sunset can be seen from the window, and in the afternoon the sun illuminates the children`s bedroom. Therefore, when choosing an apartment, many people pay attention to how the buildings are directed to the light points. Most of the time, apartments have windows on two or even three sides with light.

For those who like a lot of light, an apartment located on the "west-east" axis of two sides will be suitable, and in this case, the apartment will have light all day. At the same time, it is recommended to place it on the south side, preferring guest and children`s bedrooms.