Interior design decor

Accessories are an integral part of any interior and are so unique that they complement and emphasize the interior ideas of your home.

When creating an interior design, the most important points of the client are in focus. Based on them, the designer creates the most successful spatial-compositional solution. These accents are the most important details that reflect the individuality of the owners of the space.

Depending on the nature of the client, the role of decor can be either leading or secondary. In the first case, decor elements carry a certain compositional load. This is an accent that the customer often wants to see. It can be a colored spot on the wall, or a series of details that concentrate a combination of ideas. If the role of decor is secondary, the designer first creates a spatial solution without decorative elements. This type of interior is difficult to change according to the mood without constructive impact.

Working with decor is ideal for fans of shifts and changes. The most successful solution for such a task will be the selection of neutral furniture and decorative pieces. Any decor will attract all attention, the interior will have any character. Thus, by changing the picture in the frame, you can make the interior more modern and surprise with "Scandinavian" motifs in the interior, leaving open windows and curtains.