Color trends of 2022

"Very Fairy" color from "Pantone" brand

Every year, world-renowned colorists and companies choose from color trend concepts and lists to select the shades that best reflect the current moment. And these shades they chose for the color of the year shape product, technology, interior design, fashion and art trends all over the world.

Here are the colors of 2022 announced by Pantone and Benjamin Moore.

The Pantone Color Institute didn`t pick a color from its list this year, instead it created a new color tone called "Very Fairy."

"October Mist" color from Benjamin Moore

October Mist (1495), Benjamin Moore`s color choice for 2022, is known as a soft and silvery green. This mysterious tone represents the pale green of the flower stem and forms the basis of a wider palette of 2022 color trends. "October Mist" shade reflects a unique harmony of colors.

To add warmth and depth to a monochrome palette, you can combine the soft tone of "October Mist" with a dark tone. If you want to create a lively look, you can get a different tone by combining it with icy blue-green or sophisticated blue-black shades.